Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Sight Fishing

With clear, shallow water and abundant redfish, Mosquito Lagoon can be classified as a "sightfishing Mecca." Given the proper conditions, anglers can fully expect to "see" their fish before they catch it.

One of the most important ingredients to sightfishing Mosquito Lagoon is a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized glasses reduce or eliminate glare that is created on the water's surface from available sunlight. By reducing or eliminating the glare, anglers are able to "see into" the water and spot shallow water fish. Even in overcast conditions, polarized glasses are very helpful while fishing Mosquito Lagoon.

Although there are times when "blind casting" is employed, sightfishing the flats of Mosquito Lagoon is a common practice. While actually making eye contact with the fish is preferred, sightfishing also involves using available "clues" to tell you where the fish are. Such clues may come in the form of "wakes" that are created by a swimming redfish, or "boils" and "muds" caused by feeding fish beneath the surface. In any case, these "clues" give the angler a good idea of where the fish is located and a target to cast to.

In some cases, anglers don't rely on "clues" or polarized sunglasses…Mosquito Lagoon redfish have been known to cruise along shorelines with their entire backs exposed above the water's surface! Redfish swimming partially exposed or "tailing" on the flats is considered the ultimate sightfishing experience. If an angler doesn't get excited when witnessing this…he shouldn't be fishing Mosquito Lagoon!

Capt. Scott provides quality polarized sunglasses by Ocean Waves for anglers not wanting to make a special purchase for their trip.

Capt. Scott MacCalla
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