TARPON-BONEFISH-PERMIT in Islamorada, Florida Keys

Islamorada, Florida Keys serves as “home base” for Capt. Scott and his anglers during the peak tarpon season. A fabulous waterfront home located in the Port Antigua area (MM 73) provides convenient and quick access to the best tarpon and bonefish flats the area has to offer.

The annual tarpon migration that occurs gives the fly fisherman, and light tackle angler, the opportunity to match wits and experience the sheer power of the Silver King. Most anglers are in complete awe upon first doing battle with a tarpon, and with good reason…

Ocean-run tarpon average 50-150 pounds, with the possibility of becoming connected to a much bigger specimen. Sightcasting to these fish is so exciting that many anglers have vowed to return every year, without question. Anglers can expect to do battle with a tarpon from 20 minutes to nearly one hour, all the while witnessing an aerial assault that no other species of fish can match.

Looking for a more shallow-minded challenge? Capt. Scott also offers Bonefish and Permit trips from April thru October that put Capt. Scott’s anglers in the ultra-skinny-water world of the Grey Ghost. Light tackle and Fly anglers will stalk these silver bullets in water as shallow as 8 inches.

Bonefish have been recorded to reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour once hooked…if you haven’t seen the backing on your fly reel in some time…you will!

Make no mistake…this is not bridge or channel fishing where we anchor our skiff, throw out bait and just “wait for a bite.” This fishing is the pinnacle of “hunt and stalk” sightfishing at the epicenter of the Sportfishing Capital of the World. Both fly and light tackle anglers are required to have a certain degree of casting accuracy and distance ability to make the most of every opportunity. And yes, beginners are welcome…patient instruction always provided.

Capt. Scott is completely flexible and will tailor your trip to your wishes. Tarpon the first half of the day and bonefish in the evening, or vice-versa? No problem. Your guide will discuss every available option and provide recommendations to maximize your angling experience.

During Tarpon season, our anglers have the option to either stay with Capt. Scott at the Port Antigua home in your own private living quarters, or book a nearby hotel (see below for details). We highly recommend that you stay with Capt. Scott during tarpon season, as each angler can spend an ample amount of “prep” time with your guide. You simply wake up in the morning and step into the boat with no added travel.

Port Antigua $100/night

Note: Peak Tarpon season dates book well in advance. Please plan accordingly. Bonefish trips outside peak Tarpon season are subject to 2-day minimums.

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